Planting Plan

The next stage is to produce a detailed planting plan. During our first meeting I will have discussed the type of planting  and style preferences you have  and suggest  what would be suitable for the aspect and the time you have to spend maintaining it. Colour, texture, scent, foliage and form are a key factor to give your garden sensual, seasonal and year round interest, enhancing some views and concealing others. The plan shows the position and spacing of each plant whether it be existing or new, enabling you to easily identify them by name species and cultivar. Included is a plant schedule listing sizes and numbers for costing and ordering.

You may have a garden that is structurally well designed but has some gaps or areas of inappropriate or tired planting that needs refreshing. In this case, I am able to provide a planting plan and a planting service. This could involve a total redesign of your borders or could simply be supplementary or seasonal planting.